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MCDonalds Legacy

Working for McDonald’s® is

America’s Best First Job™

We are a family business started in 1975 by Richard and Celia Acosta.
We have grown to 38 restaurants and employ over 1,500 employees. We are aligned with one of the greatest brands in the world and are able to offer our employees an opportunity for advancement and competitive benefits. Advancement is strictly based on performance and not seniority. If you are looking to be part of a growing company with an exciting career we look forward to hearing from you.

Community Outreach

Investing in Our Team’s Future

I’d like to congratulate our 13 graduates who completed their English Under The Arches College Course; we are all so proud of your accomplishment. As a company we couldn’t be happier to invest in your future; we know this course will help you in your professional and personal goals. We wish you continued success!


My San Antonio: Finding Success Under The Golden Arches

It would have been easy for local businessman Richard Acosta to give up after the first year of opening his first McDonald’s restaurant franchise. After all, the struggle and sacrifice were plenty.

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